Hypno Domme of your Dreams

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Officially A Lady!

I‘m officially a Lady of Scotland. Even got my tartan pyjamas ready. I‘ll build castle and moat on my single square foot of land. 😂😂😂

Special Birthday Gift

Today‘s my birthday. I‘ve been endlessly spoiled and adored. I‘ve a special gift for you today. You get to hear my voice. Are you a ….

Sexy Secretary

Rocking the sexy secretary look today. I know you‘d love to be my personal assistant fetching tea and keeping me happy. If you‘re lucky you ….

I Don’t Demand

I don‘t demand.I ask you a question. We both know the answer. You admit you want to send. That you can’t help yourself. A submissive ….


What‘s intimate?Someone else washing my hair. Just lying back in the bath and trusting someone to massage, care and worship. Simply drift away in pleasure ….

A Whole Pink World With Love

I adore leading subs to new heights and depths of feeling. Skimming the edges of subspace, sensation is intensified. A cloudy, foggy mindspace.Searching for words. ….

Explanation for Insomnia?

As everyone knows, insomnia is draining. Fatigue, tiredness and a general feeling of irritability. As much as I love sneaky naps, they’re not as much ….