Hypno Domme of your Dreams

An Addictive Combination

What’s the secret cocktail?
Erotic Hypnosis and Caged Chastity.

It’s an addictive combination I’ve been enjoying with Hypno Cutie (HC), also known as MFGB. We’ve been been playing with hypnosis and trigger words for several months to my immense pleasure. HC is always more than happy to offer his mind and body to indulge my whims and experimentation. 💕

HC’s trained his mind with kinky hypno fun almost a decade before we’d met. He’s well-versed into sinking and fractionating into his trance state. When he mentioned he’d bought a cage and never used it, I knew we were going to have so much fun. While I’ve experience with mental chastity, a cage is such a fun and new exploration. To be specific, we’re using the Holy Trainer from House of Denial.

As I write this, we’re just at the end of week three together. At the two week mark and a poll on Twitter, the generous community picked the maximum option of another week.
So, you might ask what kind of fun can you possibly have with Hypno and Chastity?

Stamina and Mindfucking as a couple of examples.
Chastity, especially with a cage, channels and redirects sexual energies, along with erotic hypnosis triggering waves of mental pleasure is a delicious combination.

Ruining an orgasm goes against the body’s natural desires. And yet, asking with such sweet words to be ruined for my pleasure multiple times just hits the spot for me. To naturally resist the desire to climax and simply be left dangling on the edge. The body ruins and recovers and ruins all over again in a delicious cycle of pleasure in a very short space of time. Each week, the number increases and multiplies, even when HC is so physically spent, he still pleases me.
Both HC and I were surprised and impressed at his refractory period while caged. Each week of denial increases the multitudes of desire to please me in the physical, mental and emotional senses.

The mindfucking has spiked to a much higher level over the last few days. An idle thought of mine sparked into an idea and it led to such an intense time. HC’s mind was temporarily rewired so when he touched the cage’s cold hard plastic, the sensation felt like he was touching what was intimately locked inside. It didn’t take long for the sensation to become overwhelming after almost three weeks of denial.
Reflecting on the situation afterwards, HC said the entire experience was surreal. The aches and pinching cage, the sensations and almost constantly riding on the precipice was intense.

I’ve just extended HC’s chaste period to one month mark. For an adorable sub who’s never worn a cage long-term he’s so eager, sweet and obedient. HC is always these things but knowing he’s locked adds another dimension. I’m an ever-constant presence in his mind throughout his day.

Today, I started calling the cage mine.
My cage is my gift to him.
A physical reminder of my control every moment, in the silences and gaps of when we’re not speaking.
Once I started saying the cage was my gift, it opened up HC’s mind. Almost like a realisation clicked into place. Where once he craved physical release, it’s now changed. My gift has lifted that pressure and need from his mind. A patient calm acceptance has descended upon him. Happy and content and eager for me to use him all for my pleasure.

Who knows what other pleasures lie ahead?
I’m excited to find out…

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