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On New Connections

After taking a few days to rest, recharge and recover, a new hopeful sub contacted me. From reading his sub application, I knew he put ….


Sometimes. I wonder about echoes. Whispers of text. Dissolving into the ether. Or perhaps, Resonate. Spark. Clarity. For a moment. 💞

On Parting Ways

Yesterday, I parted ways with a good friend and cherished sub. I know he was struggling with his decision. It was bittersweet for both of ….


Pinned beneath me. All thoughts of struggling cease. No words articulate how you feel. You remain still. Heart thundering. Mouth dry. I lean close. My ….

Beautiful Devotion

This is how submission to me feels. I adore my lil pet. Such beautiful devotion. I love the cute typo. “I’m RL” should be “In ….