Hypno Domme of your Dreams

On Parting Ways

Yesterday, I parted ways with a good friend and cherished sub.
I know he was struggling with his decision. It was bittersweet for both of us.
I’ve spent the day reflecting on our time together.

Over the last few months, he was a very sweet dedicated pet.
We spoke a lot about baking, reading, Brexit and general goings on in our lives.
Every morning and every night, I knew I’d get a sincere, thoughtful message wishing me a lovely day or a restful sleep.

I always want the best for my subs.
For them to be their very best self.
Everyone deserves to be happy.

He knew I’d be so disappointed if he allowed any opportunity for additional happiness to slip by, even if it meant we parted ways.

I sincerely hope he’s able to introduce his partner to the joys of a D/s dynamic in the future.

I’m a firm believer that every person I meet, I take a piece of them with me and give them a piece of myself in return.

I loved every moment.
Thank you.


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