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A Little Burnout

I posted these thoughts over on my Patreon page today.

Hello toy, 
I’m feeling the a little burnt out lately.
I’ve worked really hard the last six months to make 9 delicious audio files every month on top of my own personal stresses, my job and taking care of my sweet subs. I always put my everything into whatever I do. 

Lately, I’ve found that I’m putting so much energy into everything, I’ve nothing left for myself. I’m even skipping simple things like going for a walk, eating well or taking a nap because at the back of my mind I’m feeling a constant expectation on myself that I need to be productive.
Which isn’t healthy or sustainable in the long-term.

Moving forward for the rest of the year, I’m going to continue with my Monday mantras. Sometimes it might be a different kind of audio on a Monday.
Friday’s are changing, for a longer audio every two weeks.
For November, the second longer audio will be an audio voted by patrons. December is lucky in that there’s five Fridays, so they’ll be three longer audios, one of which will be voted by you.

I want to take time to recover and rest and learn.
For 2022, I want to look more into binaural audio, possibly get a 3Dio headset and explore the possibility of haptic audio so my audio can be used with pulsing toys.
I want to stimulate my creativity again and return to longer form fiction to share with you too. 

Thank you for exploring on this journey with me.

Lady Portia
😘 💕

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