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Magically Transformed into a Cow Hypnotic Audio

Hello, sweet toy.

Lately, I released a body transformation audio called Magically Transformed Into A Cow.
A wonderful blend of sensual audio for lovers of erotic hypnosis and human cow or HuCow.
I wanted to try something different and training your mind and body to be transformed into a cow sounded like immense fun.

Your human mind drains away. Your personality fades. All that’s left is a sweet cow eager to be trained.

After falling into trance, with every snap my fingers you’ll moo. You simply won’t be able to help yourself.
Along with feeling immense pulses of pleasure when I attach you to sucking the milking machine…

Content Warning
Body Transformation | Fingersnap Induction | Fingersnap Trigger | Mooing | Nipple Play | Pleasure | Sucking Machine
| Training

Enjoy, my sweet obedient cow…

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