Hypno Domme of your Dreams

I’ve Levelled Up

I’m pleased to say I’m now part of the Moderator team at Findom Discord, the first Financial Domination Discord server.

I’ve been a member of the Findom Discord for over three years and I was happy to accept an invitation to join the team. With over 13,000 members, the Findom Discord has been a great source of support for me as it’s a community-based server as opposed to the wild west that Twitter and other places can be.

The opportunity to discuss, support and learn from both dommes and subs in a respectful way makes the Discord unique and great and one of my favourite places to hang out and chat. Between making great connections with other dommes, I’ve met some of my adorable and best submissives too.

There’s so much fun and chatting, from discussing the best kind of chastity cage, the latest films or even the most controversial pineapple on pizza debate. (Personally, pineapple has no place on pizza.) 🤣

Perhaps I’ll see you over there.

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